Triple Crown Predictions

Well, it does appear that after the Preakness horse race yesterday that we have the potential for a Triple Crown winner in a fellow equine named I’ll Take Another. My pasture buddy Moose, who is the great-grandson of a Triple Crown winner, brags about this constantly. I can be peacefully napping in my shady spot, and yup, here comes Moose, sauntering over to tell me in great detail about the the glory days of his illustrious ancestor. I would prefer Moose to just zip his muzzle and swish flies off me with his tail, instead of talking about  thoroughbred races that occurred almost forty years ago.

On another note, we had a great week last week at On Eagles’ Wings. We have a lot of hippotherapy riders now, and the therapeutic riding lessons started their full schedule. Of course I’m the main guy they turn to when they need an equine that is unflappable and looks good in whatever tack he wears. I do love the littlest kids that ride – they are so cute and appreciative of everything I do for them, not to mention the most important fact in that they don’t weigh much. Anyhow, anyone that doesn’t know much about horse racing ought to start following it now, because history may be made here in the United States in a few weeks. Of course, if  you want the facts from the horse’s mouth, just come visit Moose. He’ll be glad to fill you in, plus it will keep me from hearing about great-grandpa Secretariat for the umpteenth time.


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Back to school

I was having a pretty good week, with lots of great nap time, which I obviously needed after watching 71 horses trample through my farm last Saturday for the “ride”. Yesterday morning was one of those perfect days – blue skies, lazy white clouds floating by, and a gentle breeze. Things couldn’t be better….and then I heard a rumble of some big vehicle coming down the farm driveway. And then I saw it – a big, I mean huge, yellow school bus. I still wasn’t worried, because I have noticed that once in while one of those type of  buses come to my farm but I usually don’t have to do anything except look extremely handsome. Yes, a school bus typically means there are lots of kids on it, but mom usually makes my friend Rose the Appaloosa go into the riding ring so the kids can learn to do horse activities with her. I counted at least twenty humans coming off at that bus, and I secretly smiled, knowing Rose had her work cut out for her.  I heard the words “high school”  and  “graduation” so now I knew these weren’t the little guys…these were the older kids, some of whom apparently were finishing school for the year.

I had just closed my eyes again (for my fifth nap of the morning) when mom appeared beside me and gently slipped my halter over my head. Not Rose, me! I was going to have to spend my morning entertaining this mass of kids. Up  to riding ring we went, and the party began. Twenty pairs of hands grabbed different brushes and combs and started trying to improve my looks (which is scientifically impossible). Some were using a little bit too much enthusiasm in their brushing, but I didn’t mind knowing some of them were just learning how to groom a pony. Several of the kids practiced leading me around (mom was always next to me of course!), and then everyone pretended to be a pony and imitated everything I did. We clomped over the bridge, we played basketball, corn hole, egg and spoon, and weaved around the pole-bending poles, just like we do in a real riding lesson. After being with the kids, and seeing how much fun and joy they had meeting me, I guess I can admit I really had a great time. I actually got kissed several times by one of the pretty girls!  I hope they come back, which is quite an admission from me, considering I’m not paid overtime to work on Fridays.

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The “ride”

Thought I would share about the interesting day I had Saturday. Moose (my best friend!) and I were munching hay Saturday morning, and I noticed a trailer coming down the driveway. Well, that one was followed by another, and another, and before I knew it, we had close to 60 plus new horses arrive on my farm!  I was really starting to think mom had gone bonkers on getting new horses for my therapeutic riding program, and then I remembered that it was Kentucky Derby day (at least that is what my human mom calls it)!, Every Derby Day a bunch of horses and humans show up to celebrate the big Triple Crown thoroughbred race held in Kentucky. Moose was particularly excited to hear that it was Derby Day, since his great-grandfather  (Secretariat) won the Derby in 1973, and Moose is always acting all uppity about that with everyone.

Anyway, I also remembered that sometimes the humans put a saddle on me and make me celebrate with them by riding all over the local mountains, so I started “wonder”ing if my mom would feed me enough to keep up my strength for the day. But after breakfast, the human who rides Moose a lot showed up to ride him, but no one for me!  Wow, what a break! Moose could go see all the beautiful views, I could take my morning nap, and then he could tell me all about when he got back.

It was Moose’s first Derby Day ride, so I figured he when he returned he would have a whole bunch of stories. But he got back about 4:30, said it was no big deal and just started eating hay like crazy…he said that the humans got to eat lunch, but he didn’t get any!  The after ride party sounded pretty fun too, I heard a lot of laughter and bluegrass music up the hill at the human barn.

Finally, the humans loaded up the visiting horses (I sure hope they didn’t eat any of my hay) and went on home. Mom came down to feed me and told me some of the riders generously donated some money in celebration of Derby Day to help out my therapeutic horsemanship center, so it was truly a “wonder”ful day all the way around!

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Unless you are currently munching on hay, grain, apples and are perhaps asleep, please read no further. This blog is intended for individuals like me, those who strive for the highest ideals in diet, exercise and appearance. I’ll explain a bit about myself, and then perhaps you can see what I mean. I’m a 12.3 hand pony with brown and white pinto markings that literally make me the most handsome creature on earth. I work a few hours a week at a great therapeutic horsemanship center in West Virginia called On Eagles’ Wings, whose director, by the way, requested I start this blog. The main reason I like my job is the people I get to meet. All ages get to ride me, including ages two-years-old to eighty-two – quite a span wouldn’t you say? I’ll periodically post my opinions on this blog, and I think you will get some great insight into the mind of a someone who is truly a WONDER PONY.

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